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Titles conferred

The Faculty offers the following academic degrees:

  • The Baccalaureate (STB), at the end of the First Cycle;
  • The Licentiate (STL), at the end of the Second Cycle;
  • The Doctorate (STD), at the end of the Third Cycle.

The First Cycle (Baccalaureate) has a three year duration and presupposes a Baccalaureate in Philosophy or an equivalent curriculum. Courses and seminars are offered in two Sections, Italian and English.

The Second Cycle (Licentiate) has a minimum two years duration and presupposes the Baccalaureate in Theology or an equivalent curriculum. The areas of specialization offered are:

  • Biblical Theology;
  • Thomistic Theology;
  • Dogmatic Theology;
  • Ecumenical Theology;
  • Moral Theology;
  • Spiritual Theology.

The Third Cycle (Doctorate) has a minimum two years duration; it presupposes a Licentiate in Theology obtained from a Pontifical University or Faculty. It concludes with the elaboration of a Doctoral Thesis which contributes to the progress of the sacred sciences.

The Faculty of Theology, moreover, offers a Diploma in Spirituality and in Pastoral Theology, a Course of formation in ‘Non conventional Religions and Spiritualities’ (in collaboration with a Group of Socio-Religious Scholars)

The Faculty proposes a personalized plan of study for the ongoing theological-spiritual formation, for priests as well as religious men and women, as also for the laity.


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