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Third Cycle Presentation
Registration for the Cycle
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I.  Registration for the Cycle



In order to register for the doctoral cycle, a student must:


1.     be qualified for admission to the doctoral cycle in the institution which conferred the Licentiate in Sacred Theology. Students with the STL from the Angelicum are admitted if they have achieved an 8.5/10 average in their courses, as well as an 8.5/10 for their tesina and the oral examination (lectio coram).

2.     pay the academic fees.


Registration brings with it the following academic obligations:


1.     participation by every student in the Seminar for Doctoral Students;

2.     participation by those students who obtained the License outside the Angelicum in two common courses and two courses of one’s area of specialization taken from the License cycle. Those whose License is not specialized or who wish to change their area of specialization will follow a special study program established by the Dean.



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