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I.  Registration for the Cycle



In order to register for the doctoral cycle, a student must:


1.     be qualified for admission to the doctoral cycle in the institution which conferred the Licentiate in Sacred Theology. Students with the STL from the Angelicum are admitted if they have achieved an 8.5/10 average in their courses, as well as an 8.5/10 for their tesina and the oral examination (lectio coram).

2.     pay the academic fees.


Registration brings with it the following academic obligations:


1.     participation by every student in the Seminar for Doctoral Students;

2.     participation by those students who obtained the License outside the Angelicum in two common courses and two courses of one’s area of specialization taken from the License cycle. Those whose License is not specialized or who wish to change their area of specialization will follow a special study program established by the Dean.


II. Prerequisites for Admission to the Doctoral Examination


In order to be admitted to the doctoral defense, a student must have:


1.     completed the academic obligations;

2.     presented a précis of his dissertation to the Dean and received approval for it;

3.     written, under the direction of a director and with the approval of a censor (second reader), a dissertation 150 to 400 pages long, that contributes effectively to the progress of the science of theology (cf. Sapientia christiana, art. 49 § 3; 72c);

4.     completely paid his academic fees.


N.B. Should serious doubts arise during this period about the real capacity of a student to bring doctoral studies to a successful conclusion, the Dean will convoke the Commission for the Doctorate (CPD)[1]


III.  Final Examination


1.     When the dissertation has been approved by the director and the censor, the student shall consign three bound copies to the Dean’s office and formally request the defense in the Segreteria of the University.

2.     The doctoral defense lasts from between 60 and 90 minutes. The candidate has 20 minutes to present his argument. The members of the examining commission then pose questions, after which members of the public may also pose questions.


IV. Reception of the Doctoral Degree


In order to obtain the title of Doctor, the student must have:


1.     passed the final examination;

2.     published the dissertation in whole or in part. The candidate shall consign 50 copies of the dissertation to the Segreteria of the University. These copies should follow any observations made by the director and the censor, and should published according to the norms of the Congregation for Seminaries and Institutes of Study.





[1]The CPD is composed of the Dean, the professors who direct the Seminars for Doctoral Students, the professor in charge of the pertinent area of specialization, and the Director of the Dissertation. The Dean may also invite other professors of the Faculty to participate.